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  • Central Plains Water — is the name given to the Central Plains Water Enhancement Scheme, the Central Plains Water Trust and a company, Central Plains Water Limited, involved with the promotion of a water diversion, damming and water reticulation and irrigation scheme… …   Wikipedia

  • Central Plains Water Enhancement Scheme Timeline — This is a Central Plains Water Enhancement Scheme timeline.The Central Plains Water Enhancement Scheme is a proposed water diversion, damming and water reticulation and irrigation scheme for the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand.1999 Beginning* 26 …   Wikipedia

  • Guan — For the group of cracid birds, see Guan (bird). For the wind instrument, see Guan (instrument) .Guan may refer to either of two Chinese family names (both rendered in Cantonese as Kwoan, or also in English as Kuan, Kwan, Quan, or Quon).The two… …   Wikipedia

  • Three Treasures (Taoism) — The Three Treasures or Three Jewels (zh cpw|c=|p= sānbǎo | w= san pao ) are basic virtues in Taoism. They first appear in Tao Te Ching chapter 67, which Lin Yutang (1948:292) says contains Laozi s most beautiful teachings. Every one under heaven… …   Wikipedia

  • When a white horse is not a horse — (zh cpwl|c=白馬非馬|p= Báimǎ fēi mǎ |w= Pai ma fei ma |l=white horse not horse), also known as the White Horse Dialogue (zh cpwl|c=白馬論|p= Báimǎ Lùn |w= Pai ma Lun |l=white horse discourse), is a famous paradox in Chinese philosophy. Gongsun Long… …   Wikipedia

  • Wenzi — The Wenzi (zh cpwl|c=文子|p=Wénzǐ|w=Wen tzu|l= [Book of] Master Wen), or Tongxuan zhenjing (zh cpwl|c=通玄真經|p=Tōngxuán zhēnjīng|w=T ung hsuan chen ching|l= Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery), is a controversial Daoist classic allegedly… …   Wikipedia

  • Zhuyin (mythology) — Zhuyin (zh cpwl|c=燭陰|p=zhúyīn|w=chu yin|l=illuminating darkness) or Zhulong (zh cpwl|c=燭龍|p=zhúlóng|w=chu lung|l=torch dragon) was a giant red draconic solar deity in Chinese mythology. It supposedly had a human s face and snake s body, created… …   Wikipedia

  • Xin Dynasty — The Xin Dynasty (zh cpwl|c=新朝|p=Xīn Cháo|w=Hsin Ch ao|l=New Dynasty) was a Chinese dynasty (although strictly speaking it had only one emperor) which lasted from 9 23 AD. It followed the Western Han Dynasty and preceded the Eastern Han… …   Wikipedia

  • Tian — (zh cpwl|c=天|p= tiān | w= t ien |l=heaven, heavens; god, gods) is one of the oldest Chinese terms for the cosmos and a key concept in Chinese mythology, philosophy, and religion. During the Shang Dynasty (17th–11th centuries BCE) the Chinese… …   Wikipedia

  • Jingmei — (zh cpwl|c=景美|p=Jǐngměi|w=Ching3 mei3|l=beautiful scenery) is a neighborhood in Taipei City. Formerly an administrative district, in 1990 it merged with Muzha into Wenshan District.Jingmei is located south of Taipei Main Station, the city s main… …   Wikipedia

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